Hello from my "nest" at  Zen Mother Hen!

I’m guessing you might be here because a few seeds of yoga have been planted, are taking root, and you want more. More joy—generated from your body, your mind, and your day-to-day experiences.

As a registered yoga instructor on beautiful Cape Cod, I am right there with you! Adopting yoga's tools has broken habitual, life detracting patterns, rewiring how I experience my days and allowing both peace and empowerment to infuse the moments. Grateful, I passionately share transformational, life-enhancing lessons from “the mat” through nurturing, encouraging, and appropriately challenging classes. With calm and upbeat instruction set to soulful music, I offer students opportunities for freedom and strength—physically and mentally.


Whether your yoga path has just unfolded or you are a seasoned practitioner, I hope to hear your personal goals and accompany you on your journey!

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